If you thought that protecting your computers meant buying new servers and wasting valuable time on complex configuration tasks, then think again.

We offer you a security solution which is easy to install and manage, and requires no new infrastructure.

 Panda Cloud Office Protection is an easy-to-use, secure solution providing constant, robust, real-time protection for workstations, laptops and servers. Based on the concept of software as a service (SaaS), it harnesses the power of Collective Intelligence‚Äôs knowledge base from the cloud which delivers maximum real-time protection against known and unknown threats. Maximum security gives companies the peace of mind to focus on their core business and forget about the costs, complexities and hassles associated with traditional security products. Panda Cloud Office Protection security is managed from a simple, intuitive Web console, enabling centralized management of computers anytime, from anywhere. Service management can also be externalized to third-parties in a matter of clicks.


Robust protection  Panda Cloud Office Protection harnesses the power of the cloud based Collective Intelligence which provides real-time proactive protection ensuring the highest levelsof detection for known and unknown malware and threats regardless of where they come from (email, messenger, web etc). It includes firewall protection (personal or managed), behavior detection technologies as well as being the only security vendor to offer centralized SaaS device control management.

Minimizes maintenance costs and recourse consumption  As this is a subscription service, hosted by Panda Security, it requires no investment in infrastructure or specialized personnel. It is an incredibly light solution, using specific technologies to minimize resource consumption and bandwidth usage.

Easy to use, easy to maintain  Can be installed and administered at any time, from anywhere. All endpoints can be monitored centrally, including mobile computers or those in remote offices. Installation is simple, automatic and/or remote and can be launched centrally. Updates are automatic and transparent. Malware Freezer automatically and transparently mitigates the risk of false positives and the negative impact they can have on productivity

Remote Control Tool Integration  Identify security problems, connect remotely to the affected endpoint and resolve the issue directly from the centralized web based console.

Maximizes security control  Profile based security profiles guarantee that your security responds to your specific needs. Centralized monitoring of the security status of all your PCs, Servers and laptops guarantees you maximum security control and peace of mind while password controlled uninstalls ensures that the security can only be removed by administrators.